Case Study 3

Case  Study 3


Manufacturing Company

Being tied to the past can literally drag you down, and when it comes to business being tied to the past can definitely be a costly situation.  One such situation is from a national manufacture that specializes in custom marble and granite countertops – the company’s former owners sold the company to a buyer that was interested in getting into this line of business. The resulting transition went smoothly enough, or so the new owners of the manufacturing company thought.  The new owners were not aware that there were several dissatisfied former customers that were resolved to spreading bad reviews and comments about the service provided by the former company owners, and as a result the new company owners were the direct recipients of the negative press, resulting in tarnishing of their reputation that actually belonged of the former company’s owner.

Even though the company is now under different ownership, the negative reputation is following the new owners of the company, resulting in a negative backlash that has nothing to do with the new owners.  The negative backlash in fact was so severe that even though the new owners managed to purchase all of the locations of the national manufacturing company and also changed the company’s name to further distance itself from the former owners, there still persisted negative rumors being spread by former dissatisfied customers that the new company is still being run by its former owners.

The new owners were losing tens of thousands of dollars not only in potential revenue, but also from the wasted efforts made in advertising through online sources, radio and television advertising as well as newspaper ads.  Potential customers would go and do an internet search for the company using the new company as a search keyword, but would then be redirected to negative links and  websites containing negative reviews and comments about the company, and damaging information about the former management of the company.

The negative associations between the new company and the old company was enough for potential clients, as well as possible business alliances to steer clear of the newly named manufacturing company as well, which made running the newly acquired company virtually impossible; and facing the real and present possibility of being an immediate failure in the industry, and ultimately facing bankruptcy.  Transitioning as new owners is challenging enough, but dealing with negative associations were enough to motivate them to contract our services to take care of their company’s life threatening need; to suppress the negative reputation of the former company while building the reputation of the new company under the new management.

Suppression of the negative keywords was only one of the things that actually helped the manufacture gain traction in the market and return to profitability, also finding a way to suppress the newspaper articles that would turn up in a search session previously, so that only the positive and informative information was made available to potential customers, was also key in making things finally work for the new owners of the company.  Things began to pick up as a result of the successful online reputation management campaign, and the business has once again established itself as a prominent player in their field of expertise.