Case Study 2

Case Study 2

Reputation Management for Celebrities


Being an actress can be a challenging profession to have, never mind the occasional unwanted publicity, being a star of a certain caliber naturally makes you the target of a lot of unwanted attention, and all of that unwanted attention will definitely impact your endeavors both personally and professionally.  Take for example a past client of ours, an actress living in California that performed some acting work in a movie several years ago with some risqué scenes in it. Not only did it have a huge impact on her social media status, but years later it had also severely affected her daily business endeavors as well, hindering her efforts to land a major business project recently.

We are fully aware of the fact that if something can be published and shared through the internet, it will be there permanently, and this seems to be more prevalent when it comes to sex, exploitative content, embarrassing moments and any other controversial items.  With the rate everything is being shared today, it is no wonder the actress was worried that pictures and video files of a movie she did really early in her career that did contain sex and inappropriate scenes bothered her to no end, especially since we all know that everything is highly searchable these days.

Fortunately for the actress, we offer solutions to such predicaments.  The actress contracted us to take care of her online profile, which includes anything that can be traced back to the movie she made like screen captures, photos, and even video clips.  Those of us familiar with the internet know that search engines are very powerful tools, and a simple search can result in millions of bits of information regarding the individual being searched – which includes pictures, movies, groups and even social media profiles that belong to the said person, and this is exactly what was troubling our client.

In as little as 60 days, we were able to successfully suppress all of the information from the movie as requested by the actress.  In this day and age where online reputation is a huge deal to most people, especially public figures such as actors, business leaders and celebrities, simple steps like contracting an online reputation management company to make certain all of the information about them coming from internet searches are positive is slowly becoming mainstream; and the cost of utilizing such services for individuals and companies with prominent public profiles is considered to be one of the most astute expenditures of funds that a business or person can make in this internet age.  Unfortunately our client was not able to salvage her recent business opportunity prior to cleaning up her online profile. But now, she can breathe a little more easily because all of the information about her in connection to the movie was completely suppressed, and in the future she won’t have to lose lucrative business deals due to a bad decision she made several years ago.

This actress, among millions of other individuals, are all learning that taking care of your online reputation is one of the key ingredients in becoming successful in some fields of endeavor, especially if it involves a public identity.  Online reputation management definitely helps to make a person or business profile more searchable. Being able to control what type of information you give out to the public about yourself is powerful business tool to utilize in your career, or any type of business endeavor that you may undertake.

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