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Case Study 1

Advertising Company

advertising case study

Companies really have it hard these days, especially with the existence of the internet.  One might think that strategically positioning themselves by establishing a very visible public profile might help their business, and in some cases it really does; but for the most part companies are opening themselves up to potential malicious and false discussions in a very public arena (the internet.)

This could ultimately cast their business in a not so flattering light in addition to drive away potential business partners that might stumble upon the negative reputation of the organization.  For the most part, companies are less likely to be the source of these negative postings, and it has more to do with ex-employees, competitors of the company, or sometime even both.

Take the case of an advertising company in Oregon – they recently had trouble with a disgruntled ex-employee that was very determined to take down the company’s reputation by means of posting negative comments, reviews and was even willing to go as far as destroying their reputation on blogs and several social networking sites.  While to some people this might not seem to be such a bad thing, companies take a great deal of heat from the general public when an individual defames them by negative comments and remarks on the world wide web; mostly because the general public only offers opinions based on how they feel about the situation and are more likely to take the side of the apparent victim.  A great deal of economic damage was being inflicted on this advertising agency, and one of the casualties of this incident was the loss of a major contract as a result of the rising negative reputation of the advertising company online.

Even though the firm may have noticed the negative posts, reviews, and comments of their ex-employee online a little too late, they still considered it a smart and financially astute decision to hire an online reputation management company to take care of their pressing public problem.  Performing company name searches resulted in the discovery of the negative comments, which was starting to cultivate a negative opinion of their company in the mind of the public, which then directly resulted in the loss of clients and potential business partners.  Such is the power of the internet in that it really doesn’t matter whether the negative information is true or false, as long as the information is public enough and the attacker is smart enough, it will definitely create financial damage to the company.

Fortunately for the advertising company, we were able to strategically attack the keywords that were causing all of the negative press about the company, and we were able to suppress the most pertinent and damaging of the negative information that had resulted from the smear campaign started by the ex-employee.  We were also able to wipe out all of the negative associated keywords that are normally found at the bottom of the search results that are related to the original search terms, which resulted in a clean and pristine search result for the client.  Sales of the firm have since tripled and they have since opened several more offices across the country as a result of maintaining a clean public persona on-line.  This just goes to show that a properly managed reputation by a solid online reputation management company can definitely facilitate the healthy growth of a business, and give them an edge over their competition.

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